The story

The Balume project was born in 2012 from the creativity and the artisanal mastery of Daniele Balangero.
Daniele graduated from the art institute “A. Bertoni” in Saluzzo, Italy and he is a professor at the “San Carlo” school in Boves, in the province of Cuneo, Italy.

He carries out his work in an artisan workshop in Cuneo and loves to offer unconventional handcrafted products.
Designing the collection of Balume wooden lamps,
Daniele combined the traditional process using steam with the innovation of shapes,
with due attention to respect the surrounding environment.
Daniele’s Workshop is in fact surrounded by greenery and offers inspiration
to work outdoors and close to nature.

The key points of the project that led to the birth of Balume Collection are:

  • The retrieval of tradition: the technique of using steam that allows to moisten, bend and keep the final shape of the lamps;
  • The minimization of energy waste, with the use
    of hand tools avoiding the use of numerical control machines;
  • The inspiration from the Nordic design and from the combination of materials,
    without using dyes and letting shapes follow their own function
  • The use of natural raw materials, unrepeatable in the veneer characteristics
    that make each piece unique and unlike any other.

The final outcome are creations that fill up the room with personality and discretion
and that carry with them the artisanal nature of the manufacturing process.

The creations is also environmental friendly for using recoverable cardboard packaging.