To conceive and to shape an object, it is a far away reality for many people. Today, Balume, creates his lamps still in this way.
Knowing the story that brings to life a handcrafted object which you choose to keep in your house, is a value added.
Because your Balume’s lamp it’s not just simply a furnishing object.

The birth of a Balume Lamp

Each Balume Lamp is a unique piece of design,
inspired by the simplicity and the naturalness.
Made by wooden veneers restraint in harmonic shapes using steam,
it is made with natural material.

Modeling wooden veneers allows the light to shine through, giving a sense of lightness and underlining the wood grains.

Hand made through out the whole process, the entire Balume brand respect the environment also by using a recyclable cardboard for packaging.

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Balume - The Making of